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Tune in every fortnight as our host,Sasha Meaney, chats with a brave young Aussie about the stuff no one dares to share. No judgements: just real, honest tales about teenhood today. From juggling friendship groups, heartbreak and first periods, our teen years are filled with the most defining – moments of our lives.

The RED Tales is today’s teen life, totally open.

Georgia Condon

21. My first queer crush

Georgia Condon is here to share her first queer crush and teach us all an important lesson in listening to ourselves, not the whole world.

Margaret Thanos

22. My first experience with PCOS

Margaret discusses what PCOS is, her journey from diagnosis ‘till now, and how it’s ignited her fight for greater equality within the female health space. 

Violet Hull

23. My first experience competiting on my period

Sport and periods don't usually go hand in hand. Violet recounts the first time she competed with her period, and why our biology is no contest to our ability.

Charlotte Middleton

24. My first experience with mental health

Mental health is invisible and misunderstood. In today’s episode, we’re moving a little bit closer to somebody else’s feelings, as we’re joined by Charlotte Middleton to hear firsthand her experience with mental health and the darkness, light and meaning she has drawn from it.

Allie Tame

25. My first lesson with body image

As a body-positive influencer and speaker, Allie spent years battling her inner-critic and outside opinion, until she realised that none of it matters, if you don’t place value in it.