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For those who prefer a little extra coverage, our boyleg period underwear offers leak-proof comfort, day and night. Ideal for side-sleepers or under dresses and skirts, you can feel confident and protected, even on your heaviest period days. Made from buttery-soft, breathable fabrics, they may just be our comfiest pairs yet.

How it works

A reusable alternative to disposable period
products, our leak-proof boyleg underwear absorbs period blood, light bladder leaks, and other drips, while naturally controlling odours. With absorbencies ranging from Moderate-Heavy to Maxi, they can absorb up to 10 tampons’ worth of blood or liquid.

From the gym to a good nights’ sleep

Your new secret weapon for a good night’s sleep, our boyleg underwear features absorbent technology from the front to the back waistband, making them ideal for side sleepers – no more worrying about staining your favourite white sheets.

Made to keep you moving, our range of active boyshorts is made from moisture-wicking materials, so you can sweat it out at the gym or on the court, leak-free.

Rinse, wash, reuse

And the best part? They’re made to wear again
and again, reducing your contribution to landfill while providing unmatched comfort during your period.

Make the switch to Modibodi and shop our range of thoughtfully made boyleg period undies and boyshorts today.