Modibodi's First Period Proof and Leak Proof Swimwear range is here.

Modibodi's First Period Proof and Leak Proof Swimwear range is here.

Introducing the solution you need to know about for a #leakfree summer!

We've reinvented swimwear and it is as sassy as it is super hi-tech and sustainable. It is the first ever swimwear to be both water repellent, drying three times faster than regular swimwear, and leak-proof, providing millions of women and girls worldwide with a reusable, failsafe solution for managing pelvic floor and periods leaks while swimming.

Thousands of women are loving our award winning, leak-free, absorbent ‘go with the flow’ knickers; we felt it was time to revolutionize swimwear, and have launched Modibodi Swim, period-proof swimwear.

Designed for the 1 in 3 women who have pelvic floor issues in mind and the 1 in 2 women with heavy periods, the Modibodi swim range can be worn for total protection from bladder leaks, heavy discharge and protection for light-moderate periods and spotting.

“We are very excited to be launching a revolutionary swimwear range. Having launched a line of fashionable, hi-tech underwear successfully into the market, our customers started to ask us for a solution for swimming as 1 in 2 young girls will not swim on her period for fear of a leak. So we did some category research and it became very clear the swimwear industry lacked innovation and there were no other swimsuit brands on the market that could provide protection fused with fashion, so we decided to change that.” - Kristy Chong, Modibodi Founder

What makes Modibodi Swim so unique and unlike any other swimsuit range on the market is Modibodi’s patent-pending Modifier Swim Technology. The technology catches sneaky pelvic floor leaks and period flow (holding up to 10ml or 1 tampon of fluid), it is stain resistant, fights bacteria and odour, and it features our dry-fast water repellent fabric that dries three times faster than any other swimwear on the market.

“I absolutely love the feel and protection the Modibodi period-proof Swimsuit gives me, I’m excited my daughter will now be confident to go swimming when she has her period, traditional swimmers are not an option”. -Rosie Luik, Model, Mum, blogger & Top #20 Australian Influencer.

It has taken 12 months of rigorous research and sourcing the planet to find the right fibres and fabrics along with 6 months of testing our garments on everyday women. Every test has led to the final products we have developed into Modibodi’s first period and leak-proof swimwear range.

This range is about more than just comfort and style and Modibodi’s mission goes beyond fashion – it’s about having a positive impact on the environment, women’s expectations and lives. Modibodi’s game-changing swim range is available in two styles including the Set Me Freestyle leak-proof one-piece and Got Your Backstroke leak-proof active bikini. Sizes range from pre-teens to ladies AU18 in selected sizes. Both styles are pool and beach friendly. The Modibodi Swim range is also Vegan.

“At Modibodi, we love busting through barriers and breaking boundaries and we felt it was time to make a splash ready for the Aussie summer. It’s of course not an easy path creating and building a new brand and trying to take market share from established well-trusted brands with large marketing budgets. But I truly believe in the necessity of our garments, that innovation in fashion is the future, and I am excited to be expanding our range, said Kristy.

The Modibodi Swim range is available now to pre-order for 30 days only, at 20-30 percent off future cost. Pre-order at

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