The 5 period conditions every woman should know about

The 5 period conditions every woman should know about

This week is Women’s Health Week, so we’ve rounded up a tonne of info and customer stories on the period conditions you talk to us about as a starting point to remind you to not neglect your health, get your regular check-ups, speak up if anything doesn’t feel right, and don’t think you need to suffer in silence!

Especially in the current COVID climate, it’s easy to forget to check in with your GP, to make it to appointments or to follow-up if things haven’t improved. But you should.

Medical professionals are still there for you (even if you start with a phone consultation) and it’s important not to just ‘put up with it’ if you’re experiencing super heavy periods, debilitating cramps or other period-related conditions.


Struggling with painful, heavy periods? Don’t know why? Maybe adenomyosis is the answer.

Often confused with the better known endometriosis (where cells like those which line the uterus grow outside the uterus in places like the ovaries, pelvic cavity and fallopian tubes), in adenomyosis, the cells which normally form the uterine lining grow into the muscle wall of the uterus as well.

Here’s a rundown of what it is, what to look out for, and when to seek help, because the more we talk about and normalise our periods and our bodies, the less alone we’ll feel.

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To read more about adenomyosis, head here


Endometriosis is an often-painful disorder in which tissue like the tissue that normally lines the inside of your uterus — the endometrium — grows outside your uterus in places like the fallopian tubes, ovaries and pelvic cavity...and it’s not uncommon.

Often misdiagnosed, symptoms can range from irregular or heavy bleeding to painful sex and fertility issues. Check out Georgia’s personal journey with ‘endo’...

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Love all your products. These are a life saver for anyone with endometriosis. No more stressing about leaving the house or what I’m wearing with these! "


Read more from our customer Georgia on her ENDOMETRIOSIS BLOG


Another condition which can be difficult to diagnose, since not all women experience the same symptoms, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) affects 12-18% of reproductive-aged women and up to 21% of indigenous women.

PCOS can cause fertility issues, excessive hair growth, weight gain, irregular periods, acne and more. No picnic then. Unfortunately, there’s no cure for PCOS, but it can be managed with expert help.

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I will recommend Modibodi to any ladies that have PCOS and are constantly getting 'nappy rash' because of ongoing bleeding, surprise bleeding, and ‘when is this going to stop?’ bleeding. No leaks, so comfortable, saving a fortune on constantly buying sanitary products."

- Kayla

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Menorrhagia refers to heavy periods – as in soaking through menstrual products, large clots and getting up in the night heavy. It’s a condition that can take a huge toll on women’s lives and many suffer in silence thinking their heavy periods are on the normal spectrum or just ‘something to put up with’.

In reality, there are options to manage it, from hormone treatments and medications to surgery, but the first step is to speak up, find a doctor who’ll listen and investigate the cause, and get a proper diagnosis so you can explore your options...sooner rather than later.

"No more flooding! Love the confidence I now have during my period. Three babies later and I suffer from menorrhagia . Prior to my Modibodi undies - period days were horrendous. Left the house with two changes of clothes and often needed them. Have absolute confidence now - THANK YOU!

These have really changed my experience with my periods. After 17 years of battling with Menorrhagia I have finally found a combination of products that means I can actually go about my day during my cycle...and not faff about with a cup when I’m half asleep in the middle of the night!"

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If your PMS seems extreme, you may be one of the 90% of PMDD sufferers who go undiagnosed. A debilitating condition that’s widely misunderstood, PMDD is a hormone-based mood disorder which rears its head during the pre-menstrual phase of your cycle as a ‘severe negative reaction’ to your changing hormone levels.

We’re not talking about getting teary watching telly here, this condition comes with major mood swings, feelings of hopelessness, anxiety, sleep problems and can even lead to suicidal thoughts.

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A final word

The above is for information purposes only and does not constitute professional medical advice. For any menstrual conditions or queries, always consult your doctor for advice and treatment.

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