Q&A: Don't Call Me Mommy

Q&A: Don't Call Me Mommy

Don’t Call Me Mommy is a content creation duo from the US, Haely White and Samantha Gutstadt create comedy about mum life. It’s therapeutic, they swear. Combining their seasoned backgrounds in advertising, sketch comedy, video production and social media—Don't Call Me Mommy is a one-stop-shop for content creation with over 15 million views and counting, recently featured on CBS Evening News as funny moms of quarantine.

They’ve created two hit series for Parents, and the viral series, Sh*t No One Told You, in addition to two comedy series on FabFitFun, and countless commercials for brands like us, Lansinoh, Spa Girls Cocktails and more. They are seasoned speakers and MC's gearing up for a virtual comedy night with HeyMama x Modibodi in October and have a monthly column on Romper (Everything Is Embarrassing) to keep moms laughing.

How did you come to work with Modibodi?

Last year we had the pleasure of speaking on a panel at the Jane Club in LA and on our panel was Kelly Howard from PR agency EightSixtySouth. Modibodi is one of her clients and early this year we got a call from her about working together. The rest is dancing in our panties history.

What was your first experience like with wearing Modibodi? Were you sceptical?

We had both tried similar products in the past that just hadn’t worked well. Both of us were so surprised at how comfortable and cute these panties were. It has definitely changed our periods for the better (if that’s a thing). Haely is obsessed with the Active Running Shorts and Sam with Modibodi’s swimwear.

What’s your number one tip you tell your friends when they ask about Modibodi?

You GOTTA try these! Order a few different pairs and see what works for you and your body. There are so many styles and truly something for any body type and comfort level. Also, have fun. Periods don’t have to suck and thanks to Modibodi we go pants-less a lot now cause these panties are too cute to hide.

How does Modibodi make you feel?

Empowered, beautiful, confident and free.

Tell us a bit about your partnership together – how did you come to work together?

After Kelly got us involved, we collectively decided that the best course of action was to create mostly social posts that were unique and fun. We also signed on to do a full scale commercial for Modibodi and host a live comedy night (virtually)! This has been such a fun collaboration and we’ve had a blast dancing, laughing and feeling super badass posing in our panties and representing different body types and women with this campaign!

How has COVID affected the way you work with brands? How did you adapt?

Oh it’s changed everything! As a small business and content studio, we’ve had to adapt. Our crews for commercials are usually up to 15 people and we obviously couldn’t do that right now. We scaled down but we didn’t compromise on quality and creative. We had to think outside the box to deliver the same type of content we pride ourselves on but in new ways. That meant learning how to use different equipment and enlisting our husbands as DP’s and photographers. 🥴🤣

You recently did a virtual comedy show called Everything Is Awful, how did you come up with the idea?

We’ve always wanted to put together a night of comedy featuring moms from our amazing community! Since we can’t do it IRL we figured we could still have an evening of laughs and commiserating virtually. We started with the seed of an idea, that Everything is Awful (because it is, right?) We don’t pretend to be ok and have it all together, because this has all been hard. Our favorite way to talk about these things and create community is to find ways to laugh. Everything is Awful had games, interaction with the audience, live music and so much more! Huge thanks to Modibodi, of course, for making it happen and HeyMama. And to our amazing talent, Shane Harrison, Zach Selwyn, Leeane and Michelle and Angelina Spicer.

You have a very realistic (and funny) approach to periods and leaks - was that always the case for you both?

Comedy comes after the pain. I think we can all agree everything in the moment is a horrific nightmare and then you give it some time and we can laugh again! How glorious is that?

And you can follow us @donttcallmemommy on IG where we (over)share everything!

Sam & Haely x

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