Pregnancy can cause heavier discharge, but what is normal?

From about nine weeks of pregnancy many women will experience heavier discharge and most likely the discharge will continue to be heavy throughout the entire pregnancy.

The reason for the increase is the vaginal area is receiving more blood supply due to various hormonal changes in the body, which consequently produces more discharge.

Normal looking discharge should be clear milky white, or clear and mucous like, and should not smell any different than you are used to. If your discharge is yellow, brown or another colour to clear or white, or if you experience increased swelling or itching, you should seek treatment from a medical professional immediately as this could be sign of a vaginal infection.

Heavier discharge can of course lead to underwear failure, as the moisture leaks through regular underwear. Modibodi underwear provides a stylish, comfortable and reusable option for women to manage the moisture and discomfort associated with heavy discharge during pregnancy. Most women need to buy some bigger pairs of underpants anyway to accommodate their growing baby bump, so why not choose Modibodi.

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