My Modibodi Journey - Period Underwear Review

My Modibodi Journey - Period Underwear Review

Feeling a little hesitant about wearing period undies? You’re not alone. I too was a little sceptical when I was first introduced to Modibodi’s period panties but now I couldn’t imagine going through my periods without them!

Being a university freshman was exhilarating, I threw myself into studies, football, and hanging out with friends. So when my mum bought me a few Modibodi panties, I just threw them to the back of my closet. Bleeding into my underwear? No, thanks. I was constantly out and about and couldn’t possibly rely on just my underwear when half the time my underwear is what I was trying to keep stain-free. Even though tampons and pads were bulky and uncomfortable, I preferred going through the trouble of carrying them around and changing because they were disposable.

Then came the day I had to stay at home because the period pains were just too much. I'm sure you ladies know that feeling of just wanting to curl up into a ball and stay in bed without a pad poking at you. So I figured I’d give period panties a shot, and wore them to bed for the first time. I couldn’t sleep for the first hour, I was so nervous I would leak through them! I got up every 10 minutes to check on the undies because I couldn’t feel anything but soft fabric. It was a miracle, how could periods be this comfortable? I slept like a baby, my white bedsheets were still white, and the rest is history.

I never touched a pad or tampon after that. Modibodi got me through the heaviest and lightest flows of my period and now I don’t dread Aunt Flo as much. The most rewarding feeling of wearing ModiBodi’s period undies is knowing that you’re covered. It has definitely allowed me to continue pursuing my interest and activities without shark week at the back of my mind.

I believe that women should not have to spend excessively on a natural bodily function which they have no control over. Modibodi provided me with a sustainable solution to this age-long problem and I hope that everybody will be empowered through the Modibodi movement!


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