Modibodi, all sizes for all women - including you!

Modibodi, all sizes for all women - including you!

Lorna Jane Clarkson has been at the centre of some heat recently regarding the brands decision to not stock sizes above a size 14. The smallest size available is an XXS and the largest an XL. The company originally did not stock an XL size, but after a demand in 2014 the range was extended to include this. The company claims its because sizes above an XL size does not sell in their stores, really? However, this isn’t a time to attack the Lorna Jane brand and their business practices. Clarkson claims she listens to her customers, and if a demand for larger sizes arises then the brand will explore stocking larger sizes. The fact of the matter is, there are plenty of other brands that have created an amazing market for and cater to plus sized women and Lorna Jane is not the only company in the active wear market.


Here at Modibodi we have a slightly different approach and aim to accommodate a broad spectrum of sizes. It’s quite easy to get caught up in the fitness world and obsess over body image, weight and diet, but Modibodi is about supreme quality, ultimate comfort and empowering you with confidence. Modibodi carries sizes from women’s 6-26 and girls sizes from 8-12, and unlike other companies, we do not scale our pricing based on size. Therefore, if you purchase a size 8 or a size 26 you pay the same price. Modibodi isn’t concerned with size charts and hip measurements and how this relates to the cost of production, we believe we are all on an equal playing field and there should be no discrimination based on size. Stylish and comfortable clothes are not restricted to a particular size, and its every woman’s right to feel sassy and confident every single day! We have a range of garments, from your Classics to a Sexier range and even Active Wear – nothing is off limits and every size is available.

We don’t just focus on catering to a wide range of sizes, there are a lot of products that have created gaps in the market for women seeking a variety of needs. While plus sized women can often feel alienated in the fashion world due to smaller sizes being stocked more frequently, there are also women who seek to find products that are more environmentally friendly, that are made with comfortable materials, that cater to them every day of the week whether they are on their periods or are experiencing bladder leakage. This is where Modibodi really shines as we can cater to all of these needs in one garment, in a variety of styles, colours and sizes.

We may be known as the period underwear company but we stand for a lot more and have made it our company mission to take female empowerment to a global level. Getting fit or feeling great in your own skin is not restricted to the number on a label or a figure on the scales and no company has the right to make anyone feel as though their needs aren’t being met because of their size.

Let's all think about what truly makes us happy, and work at incorporating more of those things into our lives, instead of getting caught up in the media’s ideas of what is important.

We’re all on the same team and Modibodi is all about women empowering women!!

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