You may have heard (or completely avoided it), but the trend is true: run clubs are having a moment. We think there’s something special in the idea of moving together — no matter your pace or experience — so we decided to sponsor two runs this this year in Sydney and London.

So, if you’re interested in meeting new people, moving more, or joining us on a run, here’s everything you need to know

What are run clubs and why are they so popular all of a sudden? 

Run clubs are looking to change how we think about running, by providing spaces that incorporate casual movement with IRL- socialising. Small-medium in size, these community-led groups provide inclusive spaces for people of all fitness levels to meet, connect and move together, with organised social-time after each run, like group coffee and sandwich dates. They’re non-compulsory, usually free and a screen-free way to make new friends.

Alleviate your period symptoms while you move. 

We get exercising on your period isn’t always a vibe, but did you know that running on your period is good for your period? Yep. Studies show that running whilst on your period can alleviate some of the symptoms of menstruation such as cramps, bloating, back pain and mood, by increasing blood circulation and oxygen flow throughout your body. A win for run clubs, and you.

Protecting your period while you run.  

If you want to keep your panty lines and period on the DL, our Modibodi x PUMA Seamfree Period undies are a winner. They’re light, buttery soft, moisture-wicking, and leak-proof, all while remaining invisible under tight activewear.

Finding the right run club for you. 

A quick Google search of inclusive run clubs in your area will reveal plenty of options but some of our favourites include: 

Sandwich Run, Melbourne 

SoSo’s, Brisbane 

SSS run Club, Sydney 

The early ones, Perth 

These Girls Run, London 

Friday Night Lights, London   

Where to attend a Modbodi run club. 

Sydney runners can find us at the Modibodi x SSS Run Club on March 16, 2024. Registration and more information can be found here. 

London runners can join us at the Modibodi x These Girls Run UK on April 13, 2024. More Registration and more information here. 

What to expect at a Modibodi run club? 

We can’t give too much away but you can expect merch, discounts, and yummy treats after the run. Also, endorphins.

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