Modibodi CEO Kristy Chong, named 2017 Telstra New South Wales Business Women’s Awards Finalist

Modibodi CEO Kristy Chong,  named 2017 Telstra New South Wales Business Women’s Awards Finalist

The 24 finalists of the 2017 Telstra New South Wales Business Women’s Awards span a diverse spectrum of industries and professions, from the creation of hi-tech underwear to driving job creation across the state, and delivering innovative healthcare solutions.

We are proud to announce that Modibodi's CEO Kristy Chong has been announced as an NSW finalist for the 2017 Telstra New South Wales Business Women’s Awards.

The Telstra Business Women’s Awards celebrate the achievements of extraordinary business women and the contribution, support, and participation of everyone in pursuit of this goal.

Telstra Business Women’s Awards Ambassador, Group Executive Media and Chief Marketing Officer, Joe Pollard, said that the New South Wales finalists are exceptional women who deserve to be celebrated.

“The role of the Telstra Business Women’s Awards is to shine a light on women’s achievements as business leaders and celebrate the positive results of inclusive leadership, which include better organisational performance, increased competitive advantage and, at a macro level, a thriving economy,” Ms Pollard said.

“The 2017 finalists have followed very different paths to business success but they have all shown determination, innovative thinking, and exceptional leadership to deliver real business impact.” Kristy Chong Modibodi CEO Kristy’s the CEO and creator of Modibodi™. She’s a mum on a mission, a fash-tech entrepreneur and a social advocate for women’s health issues and rights.

With over 13 years in senior PR roles for organisations including McDonald’s Australia, sanofi-aventis and Edelman PR, Kristy’s worked with some of the biggest brands in the business.

Fast forward to 2011, when the concept of launching her own business ignited. After the birth of her second child, Kristy’s experience with “unmentionable” bladder leaks made her determined to start her own brand. One that would change our mindsets – and the planet! – by changing underwear for the better.

This ambition saw her design, develop and scientifically prove her patented Modifier Technology™ leak-proof undies and transform this into the Modibodi™ collection: a reusable, sustainable range of tops, singlets and sweat-proof undies, created to liberate us all from endless amounts of landfill.

Kristy’s vision is to build a brand that makes the world better by empowering every bodi to make real, positive change. As part of this vision, Modibodi™ actively supports causes and organisations close to our heart, such as Share the Dignity and Days for Girls.

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