How Modibodi’s CEO turned a light bladder leak into a life-changing company

How Modibodi’s CEO turned a light bladder leak into a life-changing company

As it is International Women’s Day, we want to celebrate the most important woman in the Modibodi family - our Founder and CEO Kristy Chong. So brace yourself for a blog-based shoutout and a sneak peek into the history of Modibodi.

Pre-2011 Kristy held senior PR roles in organisations such as McDonalds, sanofi-aventis and Edelman all while raising her son. However, when her second son arrived something changed - Kristy dealt with light bladder leaks for the first time.

Hunting for a product that made her feel comfortable and dignified just seemed to drum up disappointment after disappointment. Not only were the products on offer bulky and uncomfortable, they were disposable and wrapped in metres of plastic.

Desperate for an alternative, Kristy took matters into her own hands and began developing a sustainable product that would cater for people dealing with the same issues as her. Which, by the way, is about 4.8 million Australians and one in every two mums.

Kristy painstakingly designed, altered, enhanced and manufactured many different versions of what would become the first pair of Modibodi leak-proof undies - making sure that she had the best fabric, cut and quality possible before bringing Modibodi to market.

During the design process, Kristy realised that a pair of leak-proof underpants could easily work just as well for periods as it does for incontinence, meaning that she would be able to help even more women with her magical underwear.

Kristy worked immensely hard to prove the absorbent gusset she designed should be patented, and now proudly owns the patent for Modibodi’s Modifier Technology™. This tech is now rolled out in Modibodi core collections and has been enhanced to work for swimwear and activewear ranges too.

Kristy’s hard work and determination to build a product that is a life-changing solution for so many people (and the planet) makes her a massive inspiration every single day - but we’re particularly honoured to celebrate all that she has done on International Women’s Day.

Thank you Kristy, for turning a light bladder leak into a life-changing company, and for being a pretty bloody good boss!

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