Light-Moderate? What’s that you’re asking?

Light-Moderate? What’s that you’re asking?

We know. You’ve all been wondering.

Where has moderate gone and what on EARTH is light-moderate?

Is it true, can you have the discreteness of a light gusset with the absorbency of a moderate?

Fear no more, we’ve got the 411 just for you.

Sit back with a drop of vino (or green tea if that's your thing) and dive in so you’ll be a Modibodi expert in no time at all.

We’ve reinvented your favourite styles to make sure they include more absorbency so you know we’ve got your back.

You wanted more absorbency in a thinner gusset, so we made it and at a great price. That means you can now wear 1 pair of knickers to manage light-medium period flow and to catch either a drip or sneakier sized pelvic leaks.

Perfect for snort laughing, trampoline bouncing and surprise periods, the light-moderate range is discrete enough to wear with your gym gear whilst being strong enough to protect your from light bladder leaks and menstrual flow.

Your new lifesaver, your leak-proof, period underwear will have you feeling liberated and protected from incontinence and menstrual overflow.

Holding 1 tampon or 1 teaspoon worth, you’ll never have to worry about stains or leaks again.

Yes, we’ve re-engineered our old faithfuls to create your new wing woman.

Depending on your flow it’s the perfect replacement for eco-damaging panty liners, pads and tampons for BOTH Light and Moderate flow or leaks as well as a great backup on heavy days! It’s time to say no to overflow!

You get the best of both worlds, with a thin gusset and a higher absorbency for the same price.

Freshness is freedom, protection is liberation. With Modibodi you get both.

Shop Light-Moderate here.

What does this mean for you?

One) You can wear a smug grin of knowing that you are truly saving the earth. You are making a fab impact on the environment, by ditching landfill clogging disposables and going green with our sustainable bamboo undies!

Two) It means no worries! The perfect everyday undie with a thin gusset means you’ll be ready for all of life’s unmentionables for every second of the day whilst feeling like you’re in your usual undies. It’s a win-win. We love a good upgrade, what about you?

Discover why over 20,000 women (& counting) across the globe have joined the Modibodi movement!

Not only are we Aussie designed and owned, we are the only brand that is two-in-one and your solution to say ciao to irritating, plastic, eco-damaging disposable hygiene.

Modibodi underwear is not only period proof, it’s also pee proof (sweat/odour proof too), and now one pair of undies has your back, all day, every day.

You’ll want these undies to give you peace of mind in knowing you're supporting the environment for generations to come, and giving yourself the best protection against menstrual flow and light bladder leaks on the market.

Light-moderate is becoming a fast favourite of our customers:

These are great, I wear them for exercising so no issue doing high impact or on the trampoline when my pelvic floor doesn’t hold up. They keep away the usual sweaty crotch smell. These are fantastic. - Jan

Absolutely love this product. I have already recommended this company to several friends and placed 2 more orders myself !!! - Hayley

Fantastic product. I was surprised by the feel and how it somehow seems less bulky than wearing an ultra thin pad. I was concerned that the fabric would be a bit hot as I usually wear 100% cotton, but they were so smooth and silky it really was a pleasure.

I use a cup so these are back up for me. I plan to get more soon though! - Bek

Get your new wing woman, the NEW Light-Moderate Modibodi’s here.

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