It's in our blood

It's in our blood

As Australia's original - and favourite - period underwear, it's our business to be better. That means better quality for our products, better performance for you, and a better impact on our planet. After all, you deserve it.

We work better

Period underwear should make you feel protected. It’s why our products use our Modifier Technology™ to absorb leaks fast.

Our Modifier Technology™ is made of three super slim layers. The first is a natural fibre top layer that wicks moisture quickly, the second is an ultra-absorbent middle layer and the third and bottom layer is a breathable, water-proof layer to act as a final barrier and prevent leakage onto your clothes. The three layers combined are just three millimetres, making it feel like you’re wearing regular underwear.

Worried about smell? The entire garment is also antibacterial to eliminate any odour.

You don’t have to just take our word for it. Here are what some of our customers have to say about how well Modibodi performs for them.

These worked 100% perfectly even on my heaviest night. I actually was able to sleep soundly knowing that I wasn’t going to leak or had to adjust anything in the night. I immediately ordered three more pairs. Where have these been all my life?!

-Carrie C.

I can’t believe I’ve got to 34 years old and havnt discovered these before. I absolutely love them. I’m on my heaviest day of my period and no leaks, no wetness, no crinkle noises, no feeling like I’m wearing a nappy. I ordered 3 pairs and will order a few more just for days when the washing machine isn’t always on but they’re easy to clean and dry and most of all they are pretty and so comfortable to wear. Can’t recommend them enough it’s been a life changing product!

-Stephanie B.

We feel better

Period underwear shouldn’t dig in, rub, or use harmful chemicals.

But for many brands, the decision to use cheaper, low-performance fabrics allows them to sell underwear at ridiculously low prices.

At Modibodi, your comfort and performance comes first. That’s why we seek out materials that guarantee our high-quality product is soft, comfortable and breathable. This includes premium fabrics like our GOTs certified organic cotton, merino wool, bamboo, and recycled nylon.

Additionally, we guarantee our products are made free from harmful chemicals by being OEKO-Tex certified, and are moving 90% of our main fibres to Preferred or Better Fibres by end 2022.

See what our customers have to say about our how our Modibodi underwear feels:

These are extremely high quality. The fabric is so soft and luxurious and the fit is excellent. I would seriously wear these every day, even if I wasn't on my period. They are that comfy!

-Anna T.

This are so comfortable I couldn’t believe it. They sit smoothly and the lace waistband is very stretchy with no digging into my rolls. The leg elastic is also very comfortable. I would love this style in the everyday range please!

-Andie B.

These are so comfy and feel luxurious and like "special occasion knickers". Unlike the bikini style the extra lace at the top means they don't dig in at the sides or under the tummy, so are really comfy. I often have issues with knickers riding up into a wedgie - these stay put. Period protection is brilliant and I have now used Modibodi exclusively for my last two periods (I have been using a menstrual cup and/or washable pads for the last 6 years after switching from disposables). So much more comfortable than pads and much more convenient.

-Clare G.

We do better

We think you deserve a period underwear brand that actually takes action. It’s why we are proud to partner with organisations to advocate for period equity, have donated 100,000 pairs as part of the Give A Pair program and are working towards being carbon negative by 2023.

It makes me feel like I am making a positive impact on our planet, whilst feeling comfortable and confident

- Anonymous, Customer Survey, 2021

So if you’re thinking about ditching the disposables for something that works better, feels better and does better, why not give Modibodi a try? We offer a Risk-Free trial for 60 days, which means if you’re not head over heels in love with them, you can return them for free.

So what are you waiting for? Take the leap into Modibodi period underwear today. We promise you’ll never look back.

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