Is your period acting strange? Enter Mercury in Retrograde to the stage….

Is your period acting strange? Enter Mercury in Retrograde to the stage….

Why am I feeling like this? Is it him or me? Why am I so emotional? Why am I PMSING so bad? WHAT IS HAPPENING?!? Mercury in retrograde enter stage left.

We chatted to Menstrual Medicine Maven and Breath Worker, Lexy Maturana, to get some more info. Lexy has a background in Nutritional Medicine, Exercise Science, Hypnosis + Neural Therapies.

So, Mercury is in retrograde... What does that mean? In a nutshell a planet named Mercury moves in an opposite direction to planet earth 3-4 times a year, which to be honest is a little rude but go with me here, when it does this it turns to move from west to east instead. Plus, its moving more slowly than Earth causing the illusion that it’s moving backwards. It’s a mess.

Some believe that when this happens it can affect situations on Earth, stuff like technology, travel and transportation and communication. All the sudden you have car problems? Blame it on Mercury. Instagram got hacked? Blame it on Mercury. Missed your flight? Blame it on the traffic, that’s just Sydney, but also means it's Mercury.

Mostly the issues to do with communication and technology are the big problems. Which is perfection (smell the sarcasm here) because humans revolve around both of those things. Especially everyone that menstruates! Ta da period talk!

Lexy Maturana is an expert in menstrual medicine who is here to help guide you on what to do while you bleed during this retrograde time.

"When we start our cycle there has been lots of communication from the ovaries all the way up to the brain to stimulate the hormones needed to create your bleed. And this is where a good old Mercury – the planet the rules communication– can mess with our frequency and thus our cycle. Now mercury retrograde isn't inherently bad, it's more of an opportunity to look at the areas of your life that might need a dotted 'I' or crossed 't'.

And your menstrual health is no exception!

The most important concept in menstrual medicine is remembering that the human body is pure energy. Lots of little electrical charges stimulating and talking to each other, to keep the body at a healthy 62 to 70 MHz.

So, if your body's communication system is seemingly playing up and you are thinking to yourself “holy hell this is going to be a wild ride this month” These are a few things we usually put it down to:

  • You’re not listening to your body + now its screaming at you. EG; your body is shifting its bleed time from a full moon cycle to a new moon cycle, requiring you change gears energetically. Which in simple terms it means you are in two different head spaces. You know sometimes you want to go out and party with your friends, but then there are times you want to be alone, read a book and enjoy “you” time. Two very different moons.
  • You are not taking care of the external energies. This can rob your body of its much-needed extra energy at this time. Yes, it creates A LOT of energy to 'make' a period and if you’re depleted, this will present as all sorts of PMS symptoms. We all know PMS sucks sometimes but to limit this you can do simple activities like stay off screens late at night. Stop engaging in toxic relationships, so yes keeping in contact with that toxic ex is a no, no here. Spend more time outside, being in nature is a great way for you to take care of your external energies!
  • Where is Mercury in your natal chart? (a.k.a. birth chart) How could these energies be influencing your life? Remember astrology isn’t about 'prediction', it’s about 'potential' and good old Mercury Retrograde is giving us insight into our potential issues and potential solutions!

        The greatest way to deal with any menstrual mood changes is to go 'raise your vibe'!. And we don't mean this in the pop culture way but genuinely give your body the chance to energetically re-calibrate. We detox our physical body all the time with our green juices, but do we focus on that which may be energetically draining us? Mercury Retrograde brings with it lots of chaotic energy, so we want to do things that re-charge the energy body like Magnesium baths, Yin Yoga, Meditation, Ocean Swims. Things that make you feel good!

        Tips to take away with you:

        • Best thing to do is not to panic and let go.
        • Let situations go if you are not able to control them, we all know this is a great life motto in general but also good to hear again and do while Mercury is in retrograde. --Lets boost and recharge!
        • You may feel a little stressed, and that’s ok!
        • Mercury is the cause for all things communication, if you’ve been feeling like you’re having trouble connecting with people, or if you feel mad, a little more impatient, frustrated more than usual with people taking their time ordering a coffee at your local in front of you… well these are all in-line with the goings on during a retrograde.
        • Communications may seem off, but this will pass.
        • All the sudden you feel like you aren’t being heard and you may be thinking “Am I talking to myself here?”. Shake it off, this too shall pass and trust me its not just you that feels off!

        Remember, our menstrual cycle is just a reflection of our inner world, and we ALWAYS have little clues as to what it is trying to tell us. Mercury Retrograde may just be heightening this for you, so listen in to your loving body. It’s the only one you’ve got!

        You can learn more about Lexy and her work on her website: or follow her on socials @lexymaturana

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