How to Celebrate Your Best Friendships this Valentine’s Day 

How to Celebrate Your Best Friendships this Valentine’s Day 


It’s that time of year yet again. February 14. Love is in the air, but who says it’s just for couples? Valentine’s Day – or Galentine’s Day, sometimes celebrated the day before – is the perfect time to forget the traditional clichés of relationships and cherish the big platonic loves in your life.

Gyan Yankovich said it best in her novel, Just Friends: ‘I love asking friends how they met. In our romantic relationships, the practice of sharing the stories of firsts – first texts, first dates, first dances, first anniversaries – is often expected. However, when it comes to friendship, these memories can be left untold.” So, this year, let’s all commit to making new memories with our besties.

Whether you’re single, taken or honestly just confused about the whole thing, now’s the time to treat yourself. Below, we explore five ways to spend your special day (that doesn’t involve getting lost down the rabbit hole of “couple-tok”) with reccos from the Modibodi team.

1. Have a self-care day

Who needs fancy date plans when you can pamper yourself? This is the perfect self-care itinerary, in Team Modibodi’s humble opinion: start the day with a walk in the fresh air, a run or boxing class, then coffee and journaling to set up your mindset. Then, message your group chat and read tarot cards, blast music, talk nonsense, burn your ex’s belongings. Whatever makes you feel good!

By the end of the day, you’ll feel a million bucks – and forget all about your relationship status.

“My bestie and I love to spend the whole day beach hopping, eating and just talking about anything and everything. The perfect combo!” Simone, Creative Services Manager

2. Host a movie marathon

Nothing screams girls' night like a good old-fashioned movie marathon. Pick out all your favourite flicks – be it rom-coms, empowering female-led movies, or tear-jerkers – and settle in for a night of love on the big screen.

Don't forget the essential movie snacks: cute loungewear, fuzzy blanket, popcorn, chocolates, and a giant pitcher of margaritas.

“Go full retro with 80s/ 90s classics like Dirty Dancing, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Pretty In Pink, Pulp Fiction and Thelma and Louise (with an extremely hot, young Brad Pitt 🧡!)” – Lisa, Senior Art Director

3. Buy new period lingerie

Okay, let's be real – periods can be a pain, especially if it coincides with Galentine's Day. But guess what? It doesn't have to be a downer. Turn it into an opportunity for a shopping spree!

Check out our range of sexy, stylish and comfortable period underwear. Designed with luxe lace detailing, our Sensual range offers protection that’s both pretty and practical. Plus, converting your besties to a better way to deal with their period is always a win, too.

“Whether you’re in a relationship or not, it’s not V Day without some sexy lingerie. The fact that it’s period-proof? Even better!” – Jacque, Copywriter

4. Go on an excursion

If you and your friends love the outdoors, plan a day trip for some hiking or hit the beach if the weather permits. It's a great way to get some fresh air, exercise, and take in some beautiful scenery. Or, if you’re more the indoor types, spend the day checking out your local museum, see a gig or go to an art gallery – find new ways to view love and relationships from unexpected angles and perspectives.

"My perfect Valentine’s Day would be to stroll around the museum with a girlfriend. Just being surrounded by art and culture, being able to share a lot while saying nothing, having a parallel experience, and finding joy in each other's company.” – Lucie, Art Director

5. Get creative

Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to try something new and get your creative juices flowing. Food is the way to the heart, right? You could round up your friends and try cooking a new recipe or host a potluck where each friend brings a dish to share. A Vision Board Party is another great idea – collect magazines, stickers and journal, collage and create your ideal future with your bestie by your side.

“I'd have my friends over and cook my friends a yummy dinner. One year I did a bouquet making workshop with them to!” – Aimee, Social Lead

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