Fit facebook mum apology - my views on it

Have you read the article yet creating controversy today "Fit facebook mom apologises after post pregnancy photo draws criticism" read on-

Personally I dont feel bad about myself when I see her photo. Kang obviously didnt gain the weight or have any body scars or stretches that many women get during pregnancy. She was probably very fit before pregnancy, and now is still fit. Why is she fit, because like most people with super fit bodies they prioritise their body, the exercise they do and the food/drinks they consume.

For Kang to make the comment that other women are making excuses about their body shape post childbirth is a little naive. I believe that most women are making conscious choices about how much effort they put into their physical appearance pre and post childbirth. This is usually influenced by how we were brought up, what our daily life involves, or just how image and health concerned we are.

I also believe that some of the changes that occur to some women during pregnancy, like stretch marks and cesarean scars, are unavoidable and no amount of exercise is going to change that.

For me as I get older and I think most of my friends would agree, we seek balance more than anything. I love going for a run a few times a week, it is great for my mental as much as my physical state of being. I think I am educated in my food choices so I eat reasonably healthily, but I am not going to pass on salad dressing, nor forego my after dinner treat of chocolate for that firmer butt.

There really is no right or wrong way to look post childbirth. Instead of aiming to look perfectly fit like Kang, we should all be seeking to find our own level of comfort with our own body shapes.

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