Empowering Women Series: Izzi Dymalovski

Empowering Women Series: Izzi Dymalovski

For our Empowering Women series, we’ll be shining a light on one of Australia’s youngest entrepreneurs, Izzi Dymalovski, the founded of Luvurskin is the youngest ever Aussie to appear on Channel Ten’s Shark Tank, and launched her products at the ripe young age of 13. Now stocked in Priceline, this Aussie school girl is kicking goals, and inspiring all of us to join her journey.

Modibodi has teamed up with Luv Ur Skin, to bring you a very exciting opportunity to win some awesome product. (Keep an eye out on Instagram this Friday.) Read all about Izzi and what inspires every day.

Tell us about yourself!

Hi! I’m Izzi Dymalovski and I am a 15-year-old business owner. I love empowering girls like me and that is why I started Luv Ur Skin. Apart from owning a business, I am like every other teenage girl. I love acing, science and being an entrepreneur. I am a creative person who is driven by success, however, those who know me personally would describe me as quirky and clever.

What is your favourite book? Favourite quote? Favourite band?

I am a big reader so picking a favourite book is difficult, but I think that Jasper Jones by Craig Silvey has to top the cake!

My favourite quote is easy. ‘Nothing is impossible, the word itself says “I’m possible”’ by Audrey Hepburn. I find her to be an inspiration and that this quote is worth living by.

I love all types of music and I cannot really pick a single band. I love everything from Jersey Boys to the Spice Girls.

What gets you up in the morning?

Nothing. I am 100%, not a morning person. My alarm is definitely what gets me up! However, once I get up it is hard to get me to slow down. The success of my business and the drive to do well at school pushes me to do my best every day. Why did you create Luvurskin? I developed the idea for Luv Ur Skin when I was eight years old and struggled to find skincare for young skin that wasn’t harsh and full of chemicals. I was wearing a lot of makeup for dance and I could not use my mum’s skincare products. Knowing that there are so many other girls in this position, I wanted to help girls like me by developing a range of products that caters for our young skin.

What's the biggest challenge you've faced in business so far?

Building brand reputation was a struggle. It is tough as a new business to get people to trust your brand, especially when you are a young person without business experience. However, with time and a lot of hard work, we have built our reputation through social media and people have come to trust and rely on Luv Ur Skin for their skincare needs.

As a businessperson, this once again taught me the importance of resilience. Persevering through the hard times is so important, as is a belief in your brand. I knew that Luv Ur Skin has amazing products that are perfect for all teenagers, however, it takes time for others to realise this too. Resilience is something that I use in all aspects of my life, especially at school with my upcoming exams!

What do you see in the future of your brand?

Luv Ur Skin has so many exciting new events, products and promotions coming up for 2017 and 2018! We are about to launch into the US market which is opening up so many doors for us. I am so happy that things are going well because it means that I can continue to help girls like me feel more comfortable in their own skin.

What does empowering women mean to you?

So much! Empowering women is the basis of my business! We always work with the idea in mind that ‘every girl deserves to feel comfortable in their own skin’. I hope to achieve this and to inspire girls to be their incredible selves. So many girls try to compete against each other, but we need to stand together and empower each other. Together we can do amazing things.

What is your best memory?

I would have to say the first time I saw my products in a Priceline Store. This just made everything so real and it finally clicked that I have a viable business. I have so much pride in this moment and in how far Luv Ur Skin has come since then.

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