Modibodi's Empowering Women Series: Elka Whalan

Modibodi's Empowering Women Series: Elka Whalan

Tell us about yourself

I love life and all that everyday brings. To encourage women is of the highest purpose for me. I am so excited meeting new people and adore being a mother. A dual Olympian I met my husband at the Olympics and together we have 6 Olympics between us, medals and records. Whilst our 3 soon to be 4 young children still don't grasp our professional sporting worlds they love knowing that Mummy and Daddy represented their country swimming and playing waterpolo loving what they did. Sport set me up to now work in media where I've formed a platform QueenHood: A Dream Team Of Women online articles and events where bringing women together fills my heart with joy. I work on Sunrise CH 7 on the News Feed twice a week talking about the major topics of the day and love the ambassador roles I play in the media. Above all being a wife and a mother is of my greatest achievements.

When did you know you wanted to be an olympic swimmer and how did you visualise this goal?

I remember hearing how Sydney had won the Olympics to be held in our city I knew that I wanted to be part of it. I have always loved the water its something when i dive in I don't need to think and know what to do it just came naturally. I went to school at 9 years for show and tell telling my class mates that I was already going to the Olympics so already at an early age I knew I wanted to achieve great success. I stuck 150 colourful quotes all around my room and filled them with positive and motivating lines that meant every morning for training and afternoon I would be eager and hungry to train as hard as I could to achieve being called an Olympian. It set me up as a person in character and also my career now.

Your Greatest Achievement:

Marrying my best friend Thomas and becoming a mother soon to be to 4 children (6,5,3 and a newborn due any week). This is the greatest role I will ever play.

How do you balance work/family and you time:

The ultimate quest to do the juggle without the struggle. I am disciplined in time and intentional with the children. With these school holidays being 6 weeks long we are maximizing the super early mornings they wake by spending time as family at the beach and then I try to stay up a few nights a week punching away at the keyboard but I love what I do with passion so this is easy. We have a wonderful nanny who helps us out a few times a week and we make sure we have special time with children one on one when they need it. Also a non negotiable is date night with my husband every Friday I am still excited by this 8 years into marriage.

Did you career path change after having children?

NO it actually accelerated. I find becoming a mother enhances you as woman even more you realise you must stretch and grow, increase your acidity, learn when to say yes and when to say no. It certainly makes the timing different but I see it as a challenge and not an obstacle.

Whats the most challenging part about Motherhood?

That children are relentless, they know what they want, that they navigate their emotions and it can be tricky, that we must ask for patience a lot haha and that everyday we can let them win or we win by choosing to bring them up in confide and not fear

Whats the best advice you have even received?

Never compare yourself to anyone else, Be a first rate you and not a second rate someone else

What do you like most about Modibodi and whats your favourite Modibodi garment?

Great Question I am so glad I have the opportunity to express how much I love it!, The underwear firstly is super stylish not like other brands that might do the job but look old and out of date, they really work and I honestly feel great in them , they are packed in my hospital baby bag, along with the maternity singlet as well. They are breathable, flexible and super stylish well done you are onto something amazing!!

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