Discharge is normal, but if left can be a catalyst for vaginal infection and odour

Vaginal discharge is often unwanted, especially as it feels wet and can result in leakage through underwear. But despite feeling icky, it is perfectly normal to have 1 teaspoon a day of white or transparent, thick to thin, odourless discharge. This normal discharge is formed by the bacteria and fluids the vaginal cells naturally put off.

Just before ovulation (the release of the egg), there is a lot more discharge produced, up to 30 times more than after ovulation. It is also more watery and elastic during this phase of your cycle.

Most women can, of course, put up with the wet, uncomfortable feeling in their underwear. However, what many women don't know is that just left on synthetic or cotton underwear (which have no antimicrobial properties) and against the skin, discharge can be a breeding ground for bad bacteria and lead to vaginal infections. Also when combined with sweat it can cause unpleasant vaginal odour.

If you change your underpants throughout the day you are unlikely putting your vaginal health at risk. But let's face it most of us are not going to do this. So our suggestion here at Modibodi is to invest in a few pairs of Modibodi underpants for those days or periods when discharge and sweat may be more heavy - working out, mid-cycle/pre-ovulation, hot days and of course during pregnancy.

Modibodi underpants were designed to wick the moisture away from your skin and absorb the moisture so you feel dryer. The technology in the liner also offers permanent antimicrobial benefits which effectively kills all bad bacteria, stops odour and resists stains.

Interestingly I came across a recent advertisement by Carefree suggesting women use a daily liner in-between their periods to keep clean, dry and fresh from discharge. I agree with Carefree that it is important women stay on top of their vaginal health, but the thought of women wearing daily disposable liners is just so unhealthy for our environment.

Modibodi is a stylish, comfortable, effective and eco-friendly alternative to the disposable liner that will not only keep the health of your vagina normal, but have you feeling normal as well.

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