Dealing with your period and staying healthy at work

Dealing with your period and staying healthy at work

Lets face it, we’ve all woken up one morning to get ready for work and found that our period has arrived. Whether you’ve got a big presentation, an important meeting or it's just another day at the desk, menstruating at work can be a challenge. Menstruating whilst at work has the ability to slow you down and make your brain a little foggy, and when you’re working, you need to be switched on 24/7.

Modibodi has prepared a menstruation work survival guide, and has listed the top tips to help you effectively manage your period and stay healthy in the 9-5 grind.

Being Prepared

If you keep track of your menstrual cycle and are able to roughly predict its arrival, always try and be one step ahead of the game and prepare. There are lots of great Apps such as Period Tracker and Period Planner. These will send notifications to your phone before your period and allow you to track moods, fertility and ovulation - not to mention it has a super cute design!

Try and move

Working 9-5 at a desk job has a lot of implications for your health, and cramping on your period can make you want to sit still, but believe us, getting up and stretching your legs for a few minutes will really help. Give your eyes a break, get out of your chair and do a few laps of the office, go and grab a glass of water or get some fresh air.

Skip the coffee

Some of us are unable to function without our morning caffeine hit, but did you know that caffeine actually restricts our blood flow and can make cramping worse? Definitely not something we want! Skip your double shot and opt for a more soothing blend of herbal teas such as green or chamomile, this will relax and soothe your body and mind! And is ideal to help with bloating.

Get a good night’s sleep

There’s nothing worse than hearing your alarm going off in the morning and knowing you just aren’t ready to tackle the day. Work requires us to be switched on and alert, and a bad night's sleep has the potential to throw off your whole day and negatively affect your mood, especially if you're menstruating! Drinking calming teas before bed, switching off the electronics and reading a book or listening to soothing music are all useful ways of easing into sleep and ensuring you’re getting enough shut eye.

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Boost your Immune System

When you're in a rush and nervous about missing the bus it can be easy to skip breakfast, but this is a big mistake, especially on your period. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and foods like bananas, yogurts and whole grains are all great to eat while menstruating as they keep you feeling satisfied but not too full and promote healthy digestion. If you know you won't have much time to make breakfast in the morning then plan ahead the night before! Make some overnight oats to leave in the fridge, or look out some fruit to make a quick smoothie with - you can drink this while on the go and your body will thank you!

Another important food rule at work is to always try and have an afternoon snack. We are often hit with food cravings around the afternoon at work but try to resist buying a big chocolate bar. If you can’t resist then opt for raw cacao or dark chocolate.

Look here for some healthier alternatives to munch on throughout the day.

Dress Comfortably

Try and avoid excessively high shoes or skirts with tight waistbands when you know you’ll be menstruating, as these can make cramps worse, especially if you’re at a desk job which requires sitting all day as your clothes will dig into you. Most importantly, be sure to wear your Modibodis! These will save you from having to leave your desk every hour and check the back of your clothes in the bathroom mirror. You can say goodbye to leakage freakage at work and get on with your daily tasks.

If you’re feeling bloated from your period but want to wear your nice dress for your meeting, then the Modibodi Full Brief has got your back! Keeping you comfortably tucked in, it's an instant confidence boost!

The Classic Bikini and Classic Boyleg are great to wear with work skirts and pants, as they do not show noticeable panty lines and are extremely comfortable to sit and work in, with bamboo and merino wool blends, you know our collection was made by a woman for all women.

At the end of the day, our periods are just another fact of life, a gift and we need to find out what works best for us and what makes us feel better during this time. Having your period at work definitely isn’t ideal, but there are a variety of things you can do to make it a little more bearable and less of a stressful experience. Don't forget that Modibodi has your back every day of the week and every time of the month!

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