Benefits of Exercising When You Have Your Period

Benefits of Exercising When You Have Your Period

For many people, working out while they have their period is enough to consider retiring from exercise for good. However - this is actually no reason at all to stop working out completely; it can be a great mood booster and help ease some of those pesky period pains and stomach bloats. Our active range can catch all those leaks during your period, and is also great for sweat and discharge when you don't have your period. Keeping you confident!


As you know, working out is hugely beneficial. And this is something that doesn’t magically disappear just because you have your period. As a matter of fact - many of the common issues that arise from menstruation can be somewhat alleviated by exercise. According to experts, this is a very complicated time, especially when you look at it from a hormonal point of view. During the period portion of everyone’s menstrual cycle, both estrogen and progesterone are at low points. As a result, women are less energetic and generally tired. This is exhibited in something of a similar way to postpartum depression.

That being said, not working out won’t save any of your actual energy, or really make you feel any better. While this may seem tiresome - it’s more advisable to utilise this week as something of an opportunity; an opportunity to try a few new workouts that you wouldn’t normally do. Considering that, here are some of the benefits of working out while having your period.

Lower Exhibition of PMS Symptoms

Most physicians agree that doing aerobic exercise on a regular basis in the week before your period will actually lessen mood swings and fatigue; which are some of the most annoying PMS symptoms for most people.

Endorphine Rush

You’re probably aware of the fact that working out leads to an endorphin high; that’s why people who exercise feel better naturally and find it easier to get out of a foul mood. And that’s precisely the biggest benefit of working out while on your period; getting that workout “high” and endorphin release. Plus, seeing as endorphins are something of a natural painkiller; releasing them during workouts will actually help you find relief from discomfort and pain. Plus, stress relief is also a major boon; which is something you could get from a massage as well while on your period.

More Power and Strength

Some studies indicate that the lower levels of usual female hormones allow you to perform greater feats of strength and power; especially in the first couple of weeks of your menstrual cycle. So, starting from day one of your period - try to make use of that in the gym!

Better Mood

Conditioning and strength coaches agree on one thing about training during your period; as long as you’re careful not to go overboard, you will find your circulation is better if you exercise, and your mood will gradually improve. Plus, this is known to alleviate back pain, headaches, and cramps; all of which are associated with this time of the month.

How Hard Can I Work Out?

As most women tend to bleed more during the first couple of days of their period; this can be the most uncomfortable time for any kind of physical activity. That’s why we recommend doing only light exercise at this stage. On these days we recommend our heavy/overnight range, but everyone's flow is different!

As the week progresses, you can begin to do more strenuous stuff; but still, nothing drastic that will cause you more intense pain. Focusing on exercises and movements that are somewhat gentle is still the best option, especially in the beginning.

Light Workouts

If you’re doing any aerobic or cardio exercises, we recommend keeping them at a low intensity; or shorter duration, depending on which you feel more comfortable with. So, walking or other types of light cardio are the best option at this stage. You should also keep in mind that some research points out that your breathing is easier in the latter days of your cycle, as your lungs work more efficiently; so you may want to do cardio at the end of the period.

Low-volume Strength Training

As we’ve mentioned above, there’s definitely a potential increase in your strength while you’re on your period. Thus, doing some low-volume strength workouts is a great idea if you’re not already doing that. Ideally, you should do longer sessions of low-intensity cardio and strength workouts mixed together.

Pilates and Yoga
In the two or three days before you get your period, you’re looking at some prime time for activities such as pilates or yoga; these will prove to be great at relaxing the entirety of your body, while also reducing symptoms like soreness, muscular fatigue, breast tenderness, and cramping.

If you’re not experiencing any discomfort from your period, feel free to continue with your regular exercise routine. Just be mindful of the adjustments your body makes during this time. If you find that your body isn’t performing like it usually does, give yourself a break and ease up on the intensity.

Workouts To Avoid

As you can see, there are certain types of exercise that are more appropriate than others while you have your period. Logically, there are also some workouts that you’d best avoid. Of course, most women don’t work out anything near their breaking point at this time of the month; so unless you’re an actual athlete, you can probably safely go about your daily workout routine with nothing more than minor adjustments.

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