6 Pairs of Undies We Don’t Want to Receive this Christmas

6 Pairs of Undies We Don’t Want to Receive this Christmas

Underwear is a good Christmas gift – great, even – but why oh why does the gift giver sometimes get it so very wrong? Maybe it’s the sound of Michael Bublé on repeat that sends shoppers loopy at this time of year. Or maybe our nearest and dearest just don’t get us at all…

This Christmas we’re taking charge and sending a memo straight to Santa and his helpers – these are the 6 pairs of undies we don’t want to find under the tree!

1.The Dental Floss G-String

The g-string, t-string, or – horror of horrors – the c-string (because you have to c it to believe it?)… sometimes less really isn’t more. While we’re not anti-thong at all, we’re just not the biggest fans of having to have our barely-there undies surgically removed at the end of the day. Call us crazy!

Instead: We’d love the Modibodi Classic Thong. Made from soft, odour-fighting bamboo, this classy thong sits comfortably on the hips, catching sneaky drips, leaks, and spotting. With smooth lines that softly hug womanly curves, she’s your MVP for eliminating VPL.

2. The ‘Sexy’ Red Lace Panties

Oh, this is what you’d like us to wear in the bedroom is it? That’s a pity because you won’t be riding the magic carpet anytime soon.

Instead: You’d get a much warmer reception if you gave us the Modibodi Sassy Cheekini. With light absorbency, this microfibre and lace knicker rides low on the hip and reveals a cheeky eyeful. Sustainable and breathable, it’s the thinking woman’s sexy panty.

3. The Control Brief

At the far opposite end of the shitty gift spectrum are unsightly and organ-squashing control briefs. A necessary evil after eating too much plum pud? Maybe. But you’d be best advised to let us purchase our own torture device. Or risk a serious case of stink eye over Chrissy lunch.

Instead: We’d be sitting pretty in the Modibodi Classic Full Brief. With a low leg finish and high waistline to prevent sneaky fleshy overhang, they’re an everyday essential for trapping lady leaks and nixing odours.

4. The Novelty Knickers

Not every girl wants a pair of Ho-Ho-Ho undies? Who would have thunk it! Unless you know our sense of humour really well, keep the corny jokes with the Christmas crackers. Consider yourself warned.

Instead: Why don’t you buy us something we can wear past Boxing Day, like the Modibodi Active Air Brief. Made with all-natural, antibacterial, moisture-wicking, odour eliminating Merino Perform, these clever undies are ideal for sweaty days and the gym. Keeping you cool as a cucumber and dry as a martini.

5. The ‘Up in Flames’ El Cheapos

High-gloss, glittery, crinklier than a bag of crisps… some cheap n’ nasty, highly flammable fabrics just don’t belong within 5-feet of a lady garden. We take the health of our hoo-has seriously, and so should you!

Instead: Choose something that we won’t chuck in the bin the moment your back’s turned. Specifically, the Modibodi Sensual Hi-Waist Bikini. In both light to moderate and heavy/overnight absorbency, these period-proof undies will stop any leak in its tracks. In breathable bamboo, they also fight embarrassing odours.

6. The Bargain Multi-Pack

You shouldn’t have. No really, you shouldn’t have. A multi-pack of undies that are CLEARLY from the bargain bin will not win you any popularity contests, Scroogey Mc-Scrooge.

Instead: Buy us a week of leak-free worry with a Modibodi 7 Day Mixed Pack! In classic black, this Christmas miracle contains 7 pairs of period-proof undies: 1 x Classic Thong in Super Light, 2 x Classic Boyleg in Light Absorbency, 2 x Classic Bikini in Light-Moderate Absorbency, and 2 x Sensual Hi Waisted Bikini in Light-Moderate Absorbency.

Get the undies you DO want this Christmas here!

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