The RED Report - Karys

The RED Report - Karys

Apr 30, 2020sophie nelson
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This week we asked 12-year-old Karys to tell us about her first experience with RED and her thoughts on period underwear. Karys is a ballet, jazz, hip hop and acro dancer, she said she feels super secure wearing RED while dancing.
"I love the brand and I think it's a great product for the environment - and you can dance and tumble while wearing them!"

  • Were you nervous to try RED?

No because my older sister has them and I knew how great they were for her

  • How old you when you first for them?

I was 11 years old when I first used RED

  • What do you like most about RED?

I like that by using RED I am not contributing to landfill. It’s so much better for the environment using eco friendly and reusable underwear!

    • Do your friends use RED?

    Yes I have friends who use RED and Modibodi

      • Do your family also use period underwear?

      Yes my older sister does. We are dancers so RED is great to wear under leotards!

        • How are you keeping busy in isolation?

        Dancing and tumbling. Also doing lots of baking!

        • Is your family quite open with discussing periods?
        Yes. My Mum grew up in a household where it was not ok to discuss periods, she wanted it to be different for us.
        • Do you and your friends talk about period stuff?

        Yes we do. We all want to be prepared and informed

        • Do you learn about period and health education at school?

        Yes in Grade 4 to 6 we had sex ed and health education at school

        • What’s your favourite Tiktok dance?

        My fav TikTok dance is Savage!

        • What’s the best thing you have baked over the holidays?

        Strawberries and cream cake!

        • Are you excited to go back to school?
        Yes! I can’t wait to see my friends again. At normal school, not online school.

        If you are a RED customer and want to reach out with a story or your experience get touch! DM or message us on our socials xx

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