Welcome To Modibodi For Men

Welcome To Modibodi For Men

To be human is to leak. Teary eyes, waxy ears, snotty noses and sweaty armpits are all signs of a normal, healthy body.

What about downstairs though? Mention sweaty nether regions or leaky bladders and suddenly we’re in taboo territory.

To date, Modibodi has sold over three million pairs of undies to 500,000 people around the world who rely on our patented fabric technology to live their life leak and sweat-free.

Our brand has grown from strength to strength because we listen to our customers to develop good looking, comfortable and functional briefs that provide *the* wearer with unlimited confidence.

Over time our customers made it clear we needed to share these transformative, confidence-giving undies with men. They wanted their partners, boyfriends, husbands, dad’s and brothers to experience the same feeling of invincibility that comes with undies that keep you dry and fresh, leak-free all day long.

We developed the Modibodi men’s range to provide Aussie men with comfy high-performance underwear that keeps their bits at their best, no matter how hot, sweaty, or stressful their day has been.

“Loving my new Modibodi leakproof underwear for me. Perfect for the sweaty gym sessions & the occasional dribble. Gave it a try to stay dry and … it works!” - Alain

How it works:

The first layer of our high-tech fabric is moisture wicking, the second layer absorbs and locks away liquid, and the third layer is waterproof - keeping you dry and odour free. At the end of the day, you just rinse and throw them in the wash.

“The underwear is extremely comfortable. I have Parkinson's and do not have incontinence but find it hard to pull my pants up or down quickly. It gives me peace of mind, and I feel dry all day. Easily the most comfortable underwear I have ever had.” - Reg

Modibodi is starting a conversation with men across Australia today.

Stop suffering in silence and feel the confidence that comes with wearing underwear made for 21st century men.

So whether you’re prone to dribble, recovering post-op, experience chaffing our sweat – these underpants are the comfy and discreet solution for you.

Wear. Rinse. Wash. Repeat - Easy as.

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