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  • Living In Lockdown With A New Partner

    Katie and Pete live in London and have been dating for 8 months - three of those months Katie was living back home in Sydney (pre planned) and they did the long distance thing. Within weeks of Katie arriving back in London, the UK government announced a country wide shut down and they decided to ride it out together, with Pete moving into Katie’s apartment. This is what it's like to live with a new partner during the lockdown. 
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  • Benefits of Exercising When You Have Your Period

    For many people, working out while they have their period is enough to consider retiring from exercise for good. However - this is actually no reason at all to stop working out completely; it can be a great mood booster and help ease some of those pesky period pains and stomach bloats. Our act[...]
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  • Working From Home With A Toddler And A Husband

    Our day starts at 7am when Rex wakes up although I don’t sit down at the desk until 9am and somehow I’m already exhausted. I’ve had to stop myself from having a second coffee so I don’t get too jittery. 
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  • Maternity and Post Birth Bleeding

    This range is great for catching all those unexpected leaks that come with our changing and developing pregnant bodies. Whether it’s unwanted sweat, a weak pelvic floor or leaky boobs, our maternity range provides you with comfy, sustainable support so you can focus on more important things. 
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  • Working From Home Tips - From The Modibodi Team

    Are you currently in a position to work from home? We understand not every job has the privilege to let you do so. Modibodi HQ, being based mostly online, is lucky to be able to support our staff by working from home during these uncertain times. 
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  • No Panic Period

    Managing your period or leaks can be tricky sometimes but doing so while also trying to make sense of what's happening in the world at the moment⁠, is downright tough! People stocking up on essentials has made it hard to get access to disposable hygiene, especially for the elderly and disabled. 
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  • Endometriosis

    When that time of the month comes sneaking up on us, it can be completely normal for women to experience either mild or even slightly intense period pain a well as heavy or light bleeding. However, for some women their periods could be a sign of something more serious.
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  • We're now Shipping with Compostable Packaging!

    You can sleep better tonight because we are happy to announce that we are now shipping with 100% compostable bags!
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  • Q&A With A Doula

    We sat down to have a chat with Natasha Weiss, a doula based in California, USA. Natasha’s passion for reproductive health began at age fourteen, when she was present for the birth of her youngest sister. Her incredible experiences as a birth doula, has given her hands on insight into the magical realm of birth, pregnancy, and all things in between. 
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  • What's In My Modibodi?

    Modibodi was created to challenge the tired menstrual hygiene industry, and offer the market a reusable alternative to disposable pads, tampons and liners - of which, contain plastics and toxins that can be harmful to our bodies and the environment.
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