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Modibodi and McGrath Foundation join forces to empower women

Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women. Fact, 47 women are diagnosed with it each day and there is an increasing need for Breast Care Nurses in Australia who provide support to women dealing with breast cancer, with an expected 38% rise in demand for such nurses by 2020.

There is however, a 90% survival rate within the first five years of diagnosis, and this means there is hope.

Modibodi has partnered with the McGrath Foundation as part of our mission to empower women. We hope to raise funds for the McGrath Foundation so they can employ Breast Care Nurses, who provide care to women living with breast cancer to assist with their recovery and to increase breast health awareness. As the diagnosis increases, so does the demand for breast care nurses, and Modibodi wants to ensure all women across the country have equal access to this care.

The McGrath Foundation raises funds to place specialist breast care nurses in communities across Australia, and no matter where someone with breast cancer lives, a McGrath Breast Care Nurse is there to support them and their family, free of charge, every step of the way.

Around 30% of women diagnosed with breast cancer live outside a major city, making access to breast care nurses particularly troublesome. Just as Modibodi strongly believes that all women have the right to feel confident in their own bodies, we also believe women have the right to access the care necessary to aid them during their breast cancer experience, regardless of geographical location. The McGrath Foundation wants to break down these boundaries by providing more breast care nurses to women living in remote areas of Australia.  


“Modibodi’s mission is to empower women, we have chosen to partner with the McGrath Foundation as they too are on focused on ensuring women and their families are supported and empowered in their recovery journey.” Kristy Chong, Founder, Modibodi  

As part of this partnership when a purchase of our brand new Sensual Boyleg, Rose Pink is made during the months of December 16, February 17, June 17 & October 17, 15% of each sale will be donated directly to the McGrath Foundation. The goal is to fundraise $10,000 which equates to one McGrath Breast Care Nurse supporting 10 families through their breast cancer journey.

The Sensual Boyleg is a hip hugging comfortable, convenient and reliable way to ensure everyday protection. They are everyday undies, but with serious confidence boosting benefits. The Rose Pink colour is subtle, sensual and glamorous and embodies an essence of feminine charm that suits everyone.

These are no longer just your regular pair of underwear, there is power behind the purchase and as you feel confident wearing them, you can also be confident that your purchase has made an invaluable difference to the life of someone else.


Made from bamboo and our patented Modifier Technology™ each pair of Modibodi underwear keeps you dry and odour free from little leaks, light period flow, sweat and odour. We promise you’ll feel comfortable, attractive and worry free for ever more!  

“The McGrath Foundation greatly appreciates the support of corporate partners like Modibodi,” said McGrath Foundation CEO, Petra Buchanan. “We rely on the generosity of businesses and people to fund our McGrath Breast Care Nurses, who provide a vital service to families experiencing breast cancer.”  

Purchase your very own Modibodi Sensual Boyleg and raise funds from the McGrath Foundation  

About the McGrath Foundation

Every day, the McGrath Foundation works to make life for families experiencing breast cancer that little bit easier. The Foundation raises funds to place specialist breast care nurses in communities across Australia, to support the thousands of women and men diagnosed with breast cancer, and to increase breast health understanding and awareness. So that, no matter where someone with breast cancer lives, a McGrath Breast Care Nurse is there to support them and their family, every step of the way – and always free.


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