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Fresh out of tampons and pads at the supermarket? Super annoying when you desperately need some! 

While there is no reason to panic buy and stock up on things it seems everyone has had the same idea. 

Managing your period or leaks can be tricky sometimes but doing so while also trying to make sense of what's happening in the world at the moment, is downright tough!   

This can be a great time to make the switch and give reusable period underwear a go – the comfort of your own home can be a great place to ‘test’ them out. In fact, we tell first time users to trial them at home – this way you can get a feel of how our technology works with your flow.Everyone’s flow is different! 

We are shipping as usual and we have plenty of stock that delivers right to your door, so no need to get up – you can order from your bed and get them delivered to your door. 

Our mission at RED is to supply our customers with a sustainable period option and to reduce the amount of disposable waste that goes into landfill and the ocean each year.Did you know the first pad that was made still exists someone on Earth! Ew 

So tell your mum and dad, tell your mates, there’s no need to panic buy and stock up on disposables, RED reusable period underwear has got you covered!  

No queues, no panic, no disposables, no fuss. 

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